The Extremely Large Telescope

UK involvement in the ELT

ELT Project News:

09/2019: Construction of the ELT Dome Foundations Begins

08/2019: First 18 ELT Primary Mirror Blanks Arrive at Safran Reosc

01/2019: World's largest convex mirror blank ready for final touches

12/2018: ELT's HARMONI spectrograph passes Preliminary Design Review

05/2018: ELT Foundation Work Started on Cerro Armazones

01/2018: First ELT Main Mirror Segments Successfully Cast

07/2017: The astronomer bringing HARMONI to the Extremely Large Telescope

06/2017: The next big thing in astronomy: the Extremely Large Telescope

06/2017: Renaming the E-ELT

05/2017: ESO Signs Contracts for the ELT's Gigantic Primary Mirror

05/2017: First Stone Ceremony for ESO's Extremely Large Telescope

05/2017: Secondary Mirror of ELT Successfully Cast

02/2017: Contracts Signed for ELT Mirrors and Sensors

01/2017: ESO Awards Contract to Polish the ELT Tertiary Mirror

07/2016: ESO Signs Contract to Polish the E-ELT Secondary Mirror

05/2016: ESO Signs Largest Ever Ground-based Astronomy Contract for E-ELT Dome and Telescope Structure

04/2016: Four Lasers Over Paranal

03/2016: Planning Starts for MOS and HIRES Instruments on the E-ELT

12/2015: Agreement Signed for E-ELT MAORY Adaptive Optics System

09/2015: Agreement Signed for METIS Instrument for E-ELT

09/2015: Agreement Signed for MICADO Camera for E-ELT

09/2015: Agreement Signed for HARMONI Instrument for E-ELT [BBC] / [STFC]

12/2014: Green light for E-ELT construction

09/2014: Build your own LEGO E-ELT!

06/2014: E-ELT groundbreaking event

06/2014: Spain confirms participation in the E-ELT

12/2013: E-ELT Construction Work to Start

10/2013: Chilean President Announces Transfer of Land for the E-ELT

10/2013: UK collaboration successfully polishes a prototype E-ELT mirror segment to ESO specifications

05/2013: Consultancy Contract for E-ELT Dome and Main Structure Awarded

03/2013: BIS confirms a £88 million investment in the E-ELT

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