The Extremely Large Telescope

UK involvement in the ELT

Meetings relating to ELT Science & Instrumentation


12 January: ELT UK Community day - RAS, London

6 April: Surveys in the ELT era - EWASS, Liverpool

27-31 August: IAUS 347: EArly Science with ELTs (EASE) - Vienna

Past Meetings:
Spectroscopic Surveys with the ELT: A Gigantic Step into the Deep Universe - Toledo
AO4ELT5 - Tenerife
Special Session on the E-ELT @EWASS - Prague
VLT AO Community Days - ESO Garching
NAM 2016 - Nottingham
SPIE 2016 - Edinburgh
Stellar Populations Newton Meeting - Sao Paulo
AO4ELT4 Conference - UCLA
Science with MOS: towards the E-ELT era - Cefalu
NAM 2015 - Llandudno
Early E-ELT Science: Spectroscopy with HARMONI - Oxford
MOS in the next decade - La Palma
ESO in the 2020s - ESO Garching
RASPUTIN: Resolved And unresolved Stellar PopUlaTIoNs - Garching, Germany
NAM 2014 - Portsmouth
SPIE Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation - Montreal, Canada
Speed & Sensitivity - Expanding Astronomical Horizons with ELTs - Galway, Ireland
Exoplanet Observations with the E-ELT - Garching
NAM 2013 - St. Andrews
Cosmology in the Era of ELTs - Chicago
AO4ELT3 Conference - Florence
Shaping E-ELT Science & Instrumentation - ESO Garching
Multi-object spectroscopy on the E-ELT - Amsterdam
Towards the science case for E-ELT HIRES - Cambridge
SPIE Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation - Amsterdam
E-ELT session, UK-German National Astronomy Meeting - Manchester

Past UK Science Workshops:
Workshop on LM-band spectroscopy with the E-ELT - March 2014, Open University, Milton Keynes
The E-ELT Instrument Roadmap - November 2012, London
Towards First Light - January 2010, Oxford
Stellar Populations with the E-ELT - September 2009, Cambridge
Exoplanets & Protostars with the E-ELT - April 2009, Edinburgh